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The Green Eggs and Ham Project

October 7, 2012 - Author: admin - No Comments

Great ideas frequently start with a little inspiration. When Sam said he wanted to try eating green eggs and ham, I had an epiphany. My biggest obstacle with Sam is teaching him to love learning. He hates copy work, workbooks, work sheets and all traditional schooling tools. This year being his first year, I am less concerned with what he actually learns as I am with capturing his attention and devotion to school. Word games, alphabet magnets, playing with real money- these are things he loves. I decided to make a day of Green Eggs and Ham in an effort to reach my goal with Sam. Here are the steps creating the Green Eggs and Ham Project:

Step 1: Finding a recipe. I went to Pinterest and searched for “Green Eggs and Ham recipe”. I decided on this one: Cookin’ Greens Green Eggs and Ham Recipe. And printed it out. I cut the recipe in fourth and substituted bacon for pancetta.

Step 2: Made a shopping list. I read the ingredients to Sam, he looked in the kitchen and wrote down the things we needed.

Step 3: Shopping. The boys and I worked together to find the items we needed. Sam was in charge of writing the prices next to the item then adding them up to see what our total would be. At checkout he had to make sure our total matched the register.

Step 4: Cooking. Back at home the boys and I worked together to make the dish. Sam was in charge of measurements.

Step 5: Eating. It was about lunch time when we finished the cooking so this worked out perfectly. The Green Eggs and Ham were pretty tasty, of course the boys love any meal that includes bacon.

Step 6: Reading the book. Sam and I took turns reading the book out loud. At the end we discussed plot and rhyming in the book.

Step 7: Rhyme Puzzle. I made a half dozen green egg shaped rhyming puzzles for Sam to put together. He had to read the words and find the rhymes, but the puzzle aspect made it a little easier for him. Maybe a bit too easy. I didn’t have any green construction paper on hand so I colored the eggs, but certainly colored paper would be neater.

We had a great time with the project and Sam was well engaged, which is a huge accomplishment. It seemed to be a good blend of hands on fun and actual school work. Sam didn’t mind coping down the prices in the store, but had it been simple copy work he would have balked. My goal is to have more days like this.

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